C.M. is a firm which can solve the problems joint with the process of permanent mould casting.

This is due to this firm’s choice to dedicate itself uniquely to this sector in order to get the maximum possible specialization at customers’ disposal. Furthermore we have always paid great attention to the design process before the mould making phase, actively co-operating with the technical departments of the users of castings both at the study and the subsequent phases of foundry production , thermal treatments, final mechanical processing and assembling.

It is the whole of all these variables which determines the fruition and so the success of a scheme, and this becomes our task every time we start a new work project.

We work at the disposal of the subcontract of automotive, electromechanic industries, house and town furnishing, spare parts, mechanical constructions, automation, industrial valves and junctions, household products, agricultural and enological machinery.

We want to underline that we totally carry out all the phases of the making process thus reducing the realization times, guaranteeing a direct quality control and the best privacy respect for the customer’s strategic-commercial aspects.