C.M. was born in Cuneo (Italy) as a mechanical moulding firm operating in the making of wood and metal moulds for foundries of cast iron alloys and absent from our area.


It was the start in the chill mould construction for gravity casting of light alloys in co-operation with a historical tooling firm in Turin.


C.M. bought the activities of the above-mentioned tooling firm and, in the meanwhile, decided to leave apart the making of wood-resin tooling in order to invest all our resources completely in the making of chill moulds.


With important and targeted investments in technology, human resources and a quality control system, our firm introduced also the CAD-CAM model technology in direct connection with numerical control machines. This choice, after the standard periods of setting up, consistently improved our production in terms of reliability, precision and completion speed.


The business moved to a new plant in Peveragno (CN), where a layout of agile and modern manufacturing enables us to meet the most demanding market requirements


C.M. is looking at the future after nearly forty years of experience at the disposal of the foundry sector. Such an experience allows to fasten geographically wider working relationships at the disposal of very different sectors towards which the technology of permanent mold casting can work in subcontract.